Summer writings…

I decided to work collaboratively this summer, rather than always posting to this personal blog. Check out the texts on the Occupy Everything site, organized by an expanding group of people involved with the California university movements and The Public School in LA. Here are my contributions:

Report Back: The US Social Forum Detroit 2010

Come on, cognitarians: One more effort if you want some equality

The Slow-Motion Crisis of Global Capital

Interview with Michael Wilson: Steps Toward a Cultural Strategy

Future of the Public School (on the course offerings website)

I also did a seminar with the fabulously together folks at Red Emma’s in Baltimore (tell me, what other American anarchist collective is running a bookstore, an event space and a free school?) :

Fault Lines & Subduction Zones:The Slow-Motion Crisis of Global Capital

That seminar is gonna be held again this November in Chicago at Mess Hall, with the experience and questions from Baltimore integrated into the new format. The idea is to assemble and then distribute a database of texts, images and videos relating the current economic and social crisis to the one of the 1960s-70s. I expect to do many more self-organized seminars as the bottom falls out of the public universities (and the bottom is us, by the way). More on that soon enough. In the meantime, occupy whatever you can….


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  1. hollyeskew Says:

    Thank You Brian!

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