Driftin’ in the “D”

w/François Deck in Detroit

all photos F.D.


Is there any way to answer such a question in America?

Back in Chicago we fell beneath the fascinating sway of the skyscrapers on Lakeshore Drive, then exited to the banalities of the freeway. François said: “Such a short stay in paradise.” It became a joke between us as we explored the steel plants and industrial ruins south of Chicago, continually bumping up against huge casinos that seemed calculated to catch whatever change a working man could earn in hell. François was shocked by the way everything on the roadside seemed to have a price (INJURE / KILL A WORKER, $7500 + 15 YRS). When we made it to the “D” it was finally clear. We’re always going to heaven and hell simultaneously.

Following are a series of photos that François took while drifting in Detroit.


The old Packard plant, closed way back in 1956.


The former Ford residence in Highland Park.


The Heidelberg Project, by Tyree Guyton and friends.


Graffiti at the Packard plant.


Motown Museum (long live Stevie Wonder & Marvin Gaye).


Central Station.


Detroit Tigers.


Man in the street.




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