Listen to this man from America

Chris Hedges, the former NY Times war correspondent who took a stand against the war in Iraq, knows more about what’s wrong with this country and is more articulate about it than any other person alive. In this interview he admits that he never imagined what it would take to actually change the system. He recognizes the strength of a movement that can be leaderless because it is based on principles that all can uphold and that no one can appropriate as personal property and power. Such a movement can grow without being instrumentalized, coopted, reduced to the travesty that defines our totally corrupt society.

Listen to this guy. Chris Hedges has expressed the blackest version of our common fate that I ever heard anyone put into words. Today he is optimistic. What he sees, what hundreds of thousands of people see, is that we now have a chance to bring down a system whose irrational greed has alienated almost everyone. For him, a cop in a blue uniform is just another member of the 99% who will someday soon be unable to do his job anymore — unable to repress us any further.

Yes, some cops are killers, that is the reality. I held a sign today in Chicago asking “Why do police kill citizens?” I went to the Hilton Hotel on Michigan Avenue where a gala dinner was being held for police chiefs around the world. Undoubtedly they exchanged their experiences to plan for the repression here during the upcoming meeting of the G-20. In Chicago 17 people have been killed by the police this year. It’s a race war and up to now, no one says a word. But not anymore, and we will not forget Troy Davis. The system that now drives everyone into poverty and that exacts its victims from among the poorest is now becoming nakedly visible in its injustice, even to the people who are directly charged with upholding its laws. If Chris Hedges thinks this thing is gonna fly, so do I. If he thinks we can break the system’s legitimacy to the point where the police lay down their guns, then I want to try it. Let’s take a historic chance, and spend the next few years driving the 1% out of power.

Right now they are arresting hundreds of people in Grant Park in Chicago. Next time we will be thousands and they will not be able to do it anymore.

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