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Sometimes you get beautiful messages from distant places, sent by people you don’t know but would like to meet. This is one of them. Gracias, Veronica Cordeira. Gracias, Ricardo Greene, y suerte con el proyecto! –>


Share your view

In April 2011, Chilean students started a national social movement aimed to achieve a free of charge and better education for everyone. Issues such as profit-oriented educational institutions and unequal access to opportunities were among the urgent-but-silenced topics they brought to public debate; through them, they wanted to challenge not only the educational system but the whole socio-economic model the country adopted during Pinochet’s dictatorship. According to the last national survey, their demands are currently supported by 80% of the population, revealing a widely spread social unrest amongst Chileans.

Standing from an active and engaged position with this social movement, we at Overlap -a Laboratory of Audiovisual Anthropology- have created a project called “CinEducación”, which can be translated both as “Film+Education” and “Without Education”. It is a collective digital platform designed to be used as a space of information, creation and public debate regarding education. The project was initially inspired by May 68′, when in the midst of the student revolts a group of French filmmakers -Godard, Resnais, Garrell and Chris Marker, from whom we have already received his active support- came out on the street to document the events. They produced short audiovisual essays, which later were projected under the name of “Cinétracts”. Like those filmmakers, we want to align ourselves with the student’s demands, but in addition, we’d like to take advantage of the internet and the ease of access to cameras in order to widen the call to the whole population, and not just to professionals. Despite the number of renowned filmmakers already engaged with the project (over 20, including Patricio Guzmán, Gael García Bernal, Pablo Larraín, Ignacio Agüero, Willem Dafoe and Cristián Jiménez), our main purpose is to open a broad space where every creation is welcome and valued, and where no audiovisual experience is required.

We would like to invite you to be a part of this collective platform, sharing your own view about what is happening in Chile and around the world regarding education. It doesn’t matter where you live, which language you speak, if you are a professional filmmaker or a citizen armed with a phone camera; what matters is having something to say and to use audiovisual language to share it with us. Animations, collages, productions, voice over, text and all imaginable resources will be welcome. CinEducación is a collaborative project which starts in Chile and is opened to diverse approaches, so take your camera and speak up!

How to participate?

Simply produce a video of between 1 and 4 minutes, upload it to youtube or vimeo and register on On our website you will be able to watch, comment and share all the material we’ve received. Starting next December, we’ll allow anyone to make a film by selecting, sorting and cuting the shared videos, thus challenging the idea of a unique and vertical editor. We are also organizing a series of free screenings at public spaces and cultural and educational centers, and next year we will produce an interactive DVD and a 90 minute documentary film with selected videos, which will be screened on movie theaters and sent to international film festivals. All published material will be licensed under Creative Commons, and we are currently working on getting funds to open an English version of the online platform.

In addition to inviting you to collaborate by sending videos, we encourage you to work with us by spreading the word on this project between friends and contacts.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to having you on board.

Ricardo Greene
Coordinator -CinEducación
http://www.cineducació / @cineducacion

Coordinator -OVERLAP, Laboratory of Audiovisual Anthropology

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